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How to style the Drupal content creation page

It worked in Drupal 7. What happened?

In Drupal 7 you can also use this mechanism to style the content creation page, /node/add/article, with a look and feel different from the content view page, e.g. /node/123.

The content view and content edit pages have, if the content type is article:

<body class=“… logged-in page-node node-type-article…”

While the content creation page has:

<body class=“… logged-in page-node page-node-add-article …”

The different body class makes it easy to style the page in a distinct fashion.

In Drupal 8 however, the second form is absent. The body tag classes for a node view page are identical to those for a node create (add) page and look something like this:

<body class=“… user-logged-in page-node page-node-type-article …”

So you cannot easily apply a different look to the node creation page.

The hook implementation code below fixes this.

If you already have SOME_MODULE with a mixed bag of tweaks and alterations for your site, you can drop this code in there. Otherwise create a new module.

function SOME_MODULE_preprocess_html(&$variables) {  if (empty($variables['node_type'])) {
$route = \Drupal::routeMatch();
if (($route->getRouteName() == 'node.add') &&
($node_type = $route->getParameter('node_type'))) {
$variables['node_type'] = $node_type->id() . '-add';

That should do it. At /node/add/article, you should now see the class name page-node-type-article-add appear in the body tag of the content creation page. Like this:

<body class=“… user-logged-in page-node page-node-type-article-add …”

And you won’t have to change a single Twig template for it!

One warning: don’t implement the above function as YOUR_THEME_preprocess_html(). It won’t work for our purpose. It has to be a module implementation, not a theme implementation.

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